Here’s the summary of my crypto and trading journey:

  • Pre-ordered scam ASIC ButterFly Labs BTC mining rig in August 2013, never came, got refund (same money just buying BTC would be $1.5m today)
  • IRL crypto friend made me a BTC bet Trump would win in 2016; I lost bet and bought cloud mining contract to pay him in BTC. That was VERY profitable.
  • Got into crypto via another IRL friend (the brilliant CoinMiningRigs.com; Twitter: @CoinMiningRigs) and bought lots of BTC and STRAT in early 2017, made a ton of unrealized profits
  • Started big GPU mining farm that failed spectacularly
  • Lost most of 2017 bull run profits (40+ BTC, $2.4m today) due to a moron leverage trading XRP for me before “Consensus Pump 2018” on Poloniex. If he had just shorted instead of longed…
  • Got into technical analysis and trading 2017-present, traded options and stocks during crypto winter, both big boards and OTC; made a ton, lost a ton.
  • Got Cryptopia-ed
  • Bled away most of my remaining BTC hoping for altseason for the first half of cryptowinter 2018-2020. Finally wised up and hoarded remnants of BTC. Only smart move was buying RUNE and LINK earlyish.
  • Did pretty well hopping onto the 2020 bull run early (summer/fall) and pouring in fresh fiat

So why should you listen to me, you might ask? I have more failures than success, right? True. You shouldn’t listen to me. That’s my point. That’s why I’m saying all this, so no one takes me too seriously. I’m just putting this content out there in case someone can learn something from my mistakes and occasional success. Use me for idea-generation, don’t follow me blindly, especially on trading. This is to offer thought-provoking analysis and some education and some lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

Here are a few skills I have:

Bottom line, strengths:

  • Honest, transparent (I’m an Amish-Mennonite and we’re not allowed to lie)
  • Relatively smart, but not genius-level
  • Stubborn and hard-worker when obsessed
  • Father is a smart entrepreneur and investor who taught me lots
  • Innovative
  • Network


  • Undisciplined, lazy
  • Mild ADD (not clinical, just behavioral)
  • Often knows the right answers but doesn’t follow through on them
  • Risk management